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It proved to be a great day as I met the world-famous, much-travelled, Yuki and her friend Momo. I have to say that both ladies are adorable and so friendly. Yuki later introduced me to FDLoK – it was nice to meet you Patrick. Sorry I couldn’t get to say hello to the other forum members there but my mobility is shot-to-hell and I just couldn’t get around to meet you.

Michael meets the much-travelled CEO of Libera Fans Worldwide - Yuki!

On leaving Ally Pally, I had to walk down a slope away from the Great Hall towards the disabled car park as the main steps were blocked off due to the sheer number of people leaving the venue and it was quite a walk to the disabled car park (an oxymoron if ever there was one!) and as I progressed slowly, I heard a lady’s voice comment “be careful not to knock into the man with the crutches boys” (note: I use a walking-stick, not crutches!) and I turned and realised that Libera were overtaking me en-masse and just then, Eleanor Lewis walked by so I thanked her for her comment and she looked a little startled that I used her name! 10 minutes later, I reached the bottom of the slope and saw the assembled Liberaians* all busily jabbering away, nineteen to the dozen and I made a bee-line for a crash barrier to lean against to recover from the walk down. I realised they were there but couldn’t speak for five mins or so as my problem is due to a lung condition (no, not cancer) and I get very breathless when I walk and so literally couldn’t speak to anyone. As I slowly recovered, I wondered whether I should go over or not as I thought it may be considered by them as a little intrusive but I did summon up the nerve to speak to Robert Prizeman.  I have to say, he was a perfect gentleman, asking me if I was alright and if I had enjoyed the show!  My main question to him was whether there were any UK concerts coming up but I have to say that he is the master of the non-committal as he used phrases such as “you never know” and “watch this space”, so make of that what you will. I did not speak to any of the boys as, a) it was very dark where they were standing and I realised there would be a security issue and 2) as I walked passed them earlier, Matthew Jansen looked at me with concern (as to whether I was about to conk-out I think!) and I knew that talking with them (even just saying “hello”) very breathless would have concerned some of the younger ones.

I’ve no idea how long they would have waited where they were for their transport as Ally Pally & Muswell Hill suffered total grid-lock!

It was the first time I’ve seen Kathryn Jenkins or Andrea Bocelli live and I thought they were just stunning! I quite liked Beverley Knight but I thought Leanne Rymmes (no idea how to spell her name correctly – and I don’t care!) plugging her new single was a bit too self-serving. I look forward to seeing the finished product next week!

* What is the collective noun, for a bunch of Liberians? How about a “descant”?

The Great Hall - I didn't know it was possible to build a room this large!

.... gradually being transformed ....

7000 people ready for a sing-song!