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On 6th October I emailed Libera through their website re the delay in the UK release date to the 21st November of their Christmas Album:

As the release date for The Christmas Album is now the 21st November,  some fans were wondering whether you intended selling copies at the Southwark concert? We’ve said that it would make sense to cancel our orders and buy them direct from you as you’ll (presumably) make a few more quid out of them. Will you be selling any merchandise at the concert?

And is there the the vaguest hope of a M&G?

If you let me know re the Xmas Album I’ll post a message on the Libera Dreams forum / Libera Fans UK so fans can decide what they want to do.

Regards …..


I am delighted to say that they have taken the time to respond to me:

Hello Michael

Good to hear that you will be attending our London concert!

Whilst we realise that  the later release date is disappointing, I’m afraid we don’t yet know whether or not we will have copies of the Christmas Album for sale at St George’s. However, we actually continue to encourage you and others to purchase from Amazon via our shop as this generates direct commission for Libera.

As yet, detailed arrangements for such things as a post-concert signing at St George’s have not been considered – our current priority is the upcoming Philippines tour. If we are able to clarify in advance, we will. We are unlikely to have merchandise to sell.

With kindest regards,