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I noticed that everyone who wrote a review of the St. George’s concert on the Libera Dreams Forum or on Twitter commented on Josh Madine’s solo for Veni Veni Emmanuel; I was completely gobsmacked as it was so amazing!

Someone on Twitter suggested we start a petition to get Libera to record Josh singing that song; naturally – as usual – I opened my mouth to suggest that we all contact Libera to ask just that.  Naturally, they all responded suggesting I be the first.  So I wrote this note to them:

Hello Libera,

Almost everyone who’s commented on the St. George’s concert on Libera Dreams Forum or via Twitter has said how much they were bowled-over by Josh’s solo on Veni Veni Emmanuel . As was I. In fact, I was truly astounded by it. I bumped into Josh post-concert as I went to the ‘refreshment area’ and I was able to tell him so in person, for which he seemed truly humbled.

On Twitter, someone suggested a petition be started (lol), so I said we should all ask you – and so I was duly elected the “ring leader”!

So here is a forlorn request to you. Is there any chance that, before Josh’s voice changes any further, could he record a vocal for the track over the existing backing track? Perhaps this could be sold as a one-off track via iTunes – a few more pennies in the coffers! Please don’t think that I wish to decry Daniel’s solo on The Christmas Album – I don’t and think it superb – but Josh’s solo last Friday just seemed to add further depth to it.

The above is just the thought of a genuinely impressed fan (well actually, a whole bunch of us!) and I ask that you perhaps give it some thought.

Many thanks

If I receive a response, I will let you know (but I am not too hopeful they would record Josh in case it is seen as a slight against Daniel’s recording.

If you feel strongly that Libera should record Josh’s version of this amazing song, then please let them know via the “contact us” section of their website!  Don’t leave it for somebody else to do!!


I managed a snap of Josh post-concert!